Configuration Feeds

Configuration Feeds are extensions to Privilege Manager. They allow Delinea to deliver new components/items to Privilege Manager on demand. Simply click through the options in the Config Feeds page.

  1. Navigate to Admin | Config Feeds.

  2. Browse the available config feeds by expanding Privilege Manager Product Configuration Feeds.


    Expand the available product areas to drill-down into the configuration feeds available under:

    • Application Control Solution
    • Local Security Solution
    • Delinea Management Server Core
Solution Feed Description
Application Control Solution   Contains the policy to ignore macOS Catalina in the Software Update preference pane. Only works with the KEXT agent and Catalina, not supported with SYSEX agent or on Big Sur and up.
Reset ignored macOS Software Updates Contains the policy to reset ignored macOS software updates in the Software Update preference pane.
Secondary File Hash Exclusion Policy Policy template to exclude non-executable files from the hash process.
Delinea Policy Framework Contains the example Delinea Policy Framework. Installs 28 quick start policies.
UNC Elevation Policy Template Contains the UNC Share Elevation Policy Template to scan a network share and automatically elevate MSI and EXE files.
Visual Studio Installer Elevation Contains example filters and a policy for elevating Visual Studio Installers. After the installation the policy needs to be activated. Note: For enhanced security, the policy should include a certificate filter when rolled out into a production environment.
Delinea Management Server Core Maintenance Resources Contains maintenance gauges, tasks, etc. for optimal TMS performance.
PrivilegedBehaviorAnalytics Integration Contains tasks for sending data to Privileged Behavior Analytics (PBA) - requires a SysLog Foreign System to be configured.
Reset Agent Service Permissions Contains a policy to restore the security descriptor on Delinea Services for Privilege Manager versions prior to v10.7.1.
SQL CPU Usage Gauge Contains a gauge and report to monitor SQL CPU usage.
Windows Server and Desktop Filters Contains Windows Server and Desktop Filters.
Remove Active Directory Domain Contains a task that deletes an Active Directory domain from the foreign systems tab, along with its child items.
Merge Duplicate Active Directory Domains Contains a task that merges duplicate Active Directory Domains, so that Organizational Units and their policies are correctly represented.
Purge Old Unmanaged AD Computers Contains a task that will delete unmanaged computers, imported from Active Directory, that have not been updated in 90 days by default.

Installation, Re-installation, and Updates

There are three potential options for each of the Configuration Feeds.

  • Install: This is the available option for new configuration feeds or when the configuration feed has not previously been installed on the Privilege Manager instance.
  • Reinstall: This option is shown when the configuration feed has previously been installed on the Privilege Manager instance.
  • Update: This option is shown when the configuration feed has previously been installed on the Privilege Manager instance and an update to the configuration feed is available.

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If items from a configuration feed are used and have been customized, any re-installation or update will overwrite those customizations. Always rename modified items or save a copy to provide accidental overwriting.