PBA Applications for Secret Server

Once you have setup Secret Server and Privileged Behavior Analytics to work together, you can begin normal operations. During a typical session with PBA, you will use various tools, including the tools summarized in the table below.

Name Description
Dashboard Displays several key indicators neatly assembled on quick-view tiles
Privileged Behavior Alerts Lists PBA-issued alerts based on abnormal Secret access and Admin action patterns, according to thresholds you set; includes current alerts and access to retired alerts
User Watch List Assembles information about users whose activity accessing Secrets has attracted your specific scrutiny
Secret Event Clock Displays temporal patterns and filters data by User, Secret, and IP/location
Secret Event Graph Shows users accessing Secrets, designed to reveal anomalous patterns
Secret Event IP Map Maps out Secret accesses, aggregated by IP address and location
Most Active Secrets Reveals which Secrets have been most accessed
Most Active Users Identifies users accessing more Secrets than most other users
Admin Actions Contains a suite of analytics on administrative activity, including: Clock, Graph, IP Map, and Most Active Admins and Actions
Secret Details Runs down all recent access activity for specific Secrets as well as characteristics of the Secret
User Details Allows you to explore in detail information collected about a specific user’s activity
IP Address Details Shows IP address activity summary and location information (for Secret Server instances that record user IP)
  Enables data query for secrets and allows export for criteria you specify
Query Enables data query for administrator actions and allows export for criteria you specify.