Secret Event Query allows you to retrieve data that meet criteria you specify for secrets. A table shows results of the query, and data can be exported for offline analysis or auditing.

Query Builder Interface

Click the Toggle Theme button to change between light and dark themes.

On each query line, click the Add Line button to insert a line below the current line. Click the Remove Line button to delete the current line.

Select OR or AND using the switch to apply that condition to the line above plus the current line. The AND lines will be grouped together as if they were enclosed in parentheses with OR applied between each group.

All three options: Data Field, Operator, and Value (or Temporal selection) must be set for the line to be included in the query. A check mark will appear on the right side when all selections are valid.

The Value search input accepts "*" (wildcard) and uppercase AND, NOT, and OR searches (but no mixing AND, NOT, OR, nor parentheses). Some data field types show their values with a prefix (e.g., "IP:"). When using the "contains" and "not contains" operators, wildcards ("*") are allowed in the search term.

Enable Password Views Only to include only password view events; disable the check box to include all Secret events.

Enable Shared Folders Only to include only Secrets in shared folders; disable the check box to include Secrets in personal folders.

For "Event Time" entries, most time formats are accepted. For "Temporal" data types the application assumes timestamps are in the Local Timezone set in System Settings.

Press Run Query to display a table of results. Rows can be selected for export (Export Data). The Row Limit input allows changing the maximum number of rows stored in the table. The Search box filters any matching table rows.

Data returned are the most recent events based on the latest update and could be delayed several minutes from the current time.

IP address locations are prone to change and can be inaccurate and imprecise, sometimes located to only the region or country level. This app shows only the most recent available IP address location information, which might have been updated since the time an IP address was last accessed. Location data are derived from MaxMind's GeoLite2.