PBA Applications for Privilege Manager

Once you have setup Privilege Manager and Privileged Behavior Analytics to work together, you can begin normal operations.

Click Privilege Manager in the left navigation panel.

Privileged Behavior Analytics for Privilege Manager Applications Menu

The available tools include:

Analytics Dashboard provides drill-down quadrants for: User Details, Application Details, Most Active Users, Most Active Applications, Top User Graph, Top Application Graph, and a Temporal Heatmap. Refer to Privilege Manager Analytics Dashboard.

Applications are reported for Application Clock, Application Graph,Application IP Map, Most Active Applications, and Most Active Users.

Details provide analytics for Applications, Users, Endpoints, Policies, and IP Addresses.


These tools summarized in the table below.

If you are already using PBA for Secret Server, select the Privilege Manager Analytics menu. If you are using PBA for Privilege Manager only, your Privilege Manager Analytics Dashboard opens by default.

Name Description
Privilege Manager Analytics Dashboard Displays several key indicators neatly assembled on quick-view tiles
Application Clock Displays temporal patterns and filters data by Application, User, Endpoint, Policy, and IP/location
Application Graph Shows users accessing applications, designed to reveal anomalous patterns
Application IP Map Maps out application activity, aggregated by IP address and location
Most Active Applications Reveals which applications have seen the most executions
Most Active Users Identifies users accessing more applications than most other users
Application Details Runs down all recent access activity for specific applications and their characteristics
User Details Allows you to explore in detail information collected about a specific user’s activity
Endpoint Details Summarizes endpoint activity by user and application
Policy Details Provides details about policies triggered by users accessing applications
IP Address Details Shows IP address activity summary and location information
Query Enables data query and export for criteria you specify