UiPath Setup

Before configuring the UiPath orchestrator to integrate with Secret Server, make sure you have met all of the system requirements.

The following steps incorporate the use of a credential store and only apply to UiPath Orchestrator On-Premise.

Integration Requirements

System Requirements

Product Details
Version UiPath Version 19.10 or later.
Software Orchestrator-CredentialStorePlugins: Visual Studio with .NET Framework 4.7.2
Hardware For further information about system requirements for the UiPath orchestrator click here.
Secret Server Version Delinea Secret Server version 10.4 or later.
Hardware For further information about system requirements for Secret Server click here.

The steps for integration between Secret Server and UiPath are only applicable to UiPath Orchestrator On-Premise.

  • Click here to download UiPath Secret Server zip file.
  • Ensure that the orchestrator machine trusts the TLS certificate used by Secret Server and can reach the server that Secret Server is installed on.

To use these credential store plugins for UI Path orchestrator, drop the corresponding .dll in GitHub into the plugins directory in the UI Path Orchestrator install directory and modify the web.config as specified in UiPath/Orchestrator-CredentialStorePlugins.