Delinea Integrations Documentation

Delinea Integrations provide a powerful and adaptable security ecosystem that enables you to work smarter. We offer a range of comprehensive solutions that cater to your unique needs, including seamless automation through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools, an extra layer of protection with multi-factor authentication (MFA), and effortless syncing with your preferred applications. With Delinea Integrations, you know that your security and efficiency needs are well managed.

  • Delinea-Created Integrations

    • Built-in product integrations leverage the inherent capabilities of Delinea solutions to work together. Built-in integrations eliminate the need for complex configurations, allowing features from different Delinea products to interact.

    • Native integrations are pre-built connectors designed to provide a smooth connection between Delinea and popular security solutions for a unified experience. Native integrations create a cohesive user experience by leveraging familiar features and functionalities from both Delinea and the integrated solution without switching between applications. These integrations eliminate the need for custom development, ensuring a quick and reliable connection.

  • Third-Party Integrations with Delinea

    • Delinea offers a vast collection of pre-built connectors for a wide array of third-party security and IT solutions. This allows you to connect Delinea with various best-of-breed tools from top vendors, enabling you to enhance your security posture comprehensively

    • Delinea leverages open standards and protocols, ensuring broader compatibility with various third-party tools. This will help secure your investment for the future and minimize dependency on a particular vendor.

    • Contributed PowerShell scripts provide access to a wide range of solutions and encourage collaboration. They can be found on Delinea's GitHub repository.

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