Step 1 - Create a DSV Account

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Your tenant is your DevOps Secrets Vault cloud account and the rights to access it. Signing up qualifies you for a free feature-complete trial version of DevOps Secrets Vault. The trial version is limited to 250 Secrets and 2500 API calls per month. Start by configuring the free version and upgrade when you need more capacity.

To get your tenant:

  1. Visit Delinea's DevOps Secrets Vault Home Page. Click Try It Free and fill out the DevOps Secrets Vault free web form and submit.

  2. After submitting the form, you will receive an email from Delinea Sales, with the subject "DevOps Secrets Vault". Click Cloud Portal.

    You can wait until you need support to sign up. If you already have a support account because of a previous Delinea cloud subscription, use your existing account for support. Refer to the Support Services Guide for complete details about our support policy.

  3. At the Setup dialog, select your Product Environment. The three regions are independent for data sovereignty reasons (like GDPR). All three provide geographical redundancy as follows:

    • (Frankfurt), Active Standby: Ireland

    • (US-East), Active Standby: US-West

    • (Sydney), Active Standby: Singapore

  4. Next you are taken to **Thycotic One** to set a password.

    The person setting up the DevOps Secrets Vault tenant will be considered the *initial administrator* andThycotic One will be established as that person's authentication provider. This is to enable Delinea to help in case the password is lost.

    You can set future users as local or use Thycotic One, AWS, Azure or GCP.

    Later *Thycotic One can be setup later to enable SSO to an identity provider of your choice using OIDC, or enable 2FA when used as the identity provider. The options are TOTP (such as Google Authenticator) and SMS.

  5. Next, select your Product Environment and supply a Hostname. The hostname is your tenant name.

  6. Read and agree to the EULA and GDPR (if applicable).

  7. The tenant will be created. DSV takes between 5-20 minutes to complete tenant creation. When complete, click Go To Application.

    Proceed to Step2 - Download the Command Line Interface (CLI).