The DSV Jenkins Plugin supports Scripted and Declarative Pipeline syntax.

  • Jenkins DSV Plugin: The DevOps Secrets Vault (DSV) Jenkins Plugin allows you to access and reference your Secrets data available for use in Jenkins builds.

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  • Jenkins Declarative Pipeline Syntax: Jenkins Declarative Pipeline.


The current plugin can be installed from the list of plugins in Plugin Manager. While it is installed and Jenkins is restarted, the plugin can be used in Freestyle Projects or Multi-Configuration Projects and configured in the UI.

After installing the Thycotic DevOps Secrets Vault plugin (Manage Jenkins Credentials tab), create the DSV client credentials.


The default DSV configuration can be updated from the Manage Jenkins Configure Secrets tab.


Here, my_secret and its data fields secret1 and secret2 will be set as env variables DSV_SECRET1 and DSV_SECRET2.

By default, DSV_ is applied as a prefix for every env variable name and can be configured in Jenkins configurations.


We can use this simple build script to check "is secret read."

For versions 1.1.1 and higher, output values are hidden from the console.