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Delinea Platform

The Delinea Platform seamlessly extends privileged access management across your company’s hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, with adaptive controls that help IT and cybersecurity teams to rapidly meet compliance and reduce risk.

The Delinea mobile app provides quick and portable access to secrets stored in Secret Server and Delinea Platform tenants.

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Secret Server

Delinea Secret Server is an enterprise-grade password management solution designed to help organizations securely store, manage, and control access to privileged credentials.

With Delinea Connection Manager, IT teams can launch ad-hoc connections to manage sessions with remote resources, navigating Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Unix Secure SHell (SSH) connection protocols as needed. Management of multiple active sessions is easy.

The Delinea Web Password Filler (WPF) is a Web browser extension to help users log on their sites. It allows browsers to find and enter credentials of users, when a Secret Server instance has secrets related to that website.

RabbitMQ Helper is an important component of Secret Server’s on-premises environment, providing a robust framework for queuing messages between Secret Server and its Distributed Engines.

Delinea Secret Server is an enterprise-grade password management solution designed to help organizations securely store, manage, and control access to privileged credentials.

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The Secret Server change log is an unedited record of changes written by developers. The log is a release notes supplement for a technical audience, not a replacement for the release notes.

Server PAM

Enforce just-in-time and just-enough privileges for Linux, Unix, and Windows servers and centrally manage policies from Active Directory.

You can enroll and manage Windows and Linux systems so computer accounts can be used to run services and to check out account passwords that are stored in the Privileged Access Service.

Privilege Manager

Privilege Manager is an endpoint least privilege and application control solution for Windows, macOS, and Unix/Linux, capable of supporting enterprises and fast-growing organizations at scale.

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Other Products and Information

Privileged Behavior Analytics works with your Secret Server to improve the security of your enterprise systems by helping to visualize, detect, interrupt, and announce threatening activity and behavior across your IT infrastructure.

Account Lifecycle Manager (ALM) controls the creation, management, and decommissioning of Active Directory Service Accounts running on your organization’s network.

Delinea DevOps Secrets Vault is a high velocity vault that centralizes secrets management, enforces access, and provides automated logging trails.

Integrations created by Delinea are code or applications that are not sold by Delinea for monetary compensation. They are provided free of charge for the use of Delinea customers and in some cases are available to the public.

Architecture information and diagrams for our products.

Legacy Tools

This PDF documentation details the Thycotic One single-sign-on and Cloud Manager cross-product cloud administration systems.

Password Reset Server is installed as an ASP.NET website. Click for the PDF documentation

Thycotic’s Identity Bridge (ID Bridge) is a utility that allows the setting of values to be used in the Thycotic panels under Active Directory User and Computers, User and Group Properties. Click for the PDF documentation.