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Secret Server: 11.0.000008 Release Notes

Release date:

Important: The 11.000008 update resolves a serious security vulnerability. Please carefully read the following High Security Issue section. We strongly recommend all affected Secret Server customers upgrade at their earliest opportunity.

Important: If you installed Secret Server as your default or top-level website and you have Privilege Manager (PM) and Secret Server installed together, you may experience the following issues after upgrading to .NET Framework 4.8:

If you believe this scenario applies to you, please contact Delinea Support before performing a .NET, Secret Server, or PM upgrade.

High Security Issue


The 11.000008 update resolves a high security vulnerability for customers using OpenLDAP directory services with Secret Server.

This issue is rated High with a 8.6 Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score. Please see the CVSS Calculator for the issue.


This vulnerability applies when all of the following are true:


Installing the update resolves the issue. In the meantime, as a temporary workaround, we suggest disabling unauthenticated binding in your OpenLDAP directory configuration.

Known Issues

Note: All the original release notes for 11.0.000007 have been moved below for convenience and clarity.

Connection Manager Version 1.6.2 Required for Customers Using Secret Server 11.0


New Features and Enhancements


Secrets are now searchable by the full path. This removes the need to know the ID to locate the intended secret.

Encrypted Secret Export

Secret Server now allows you to schedule encrypted exports of secret data to external storage.



The inbox now provides a customizable toolset to manage how email and notifications are sent and received by users. Inbox allows for configuration of notification scheduling, collecting notifications into digests, creation of message templates and rules, and more.


Secrets now support configurable data lists. Users with the "apply lists to secrets via secret policies" permission can create a list. This provides an easy mechanism for secret owners to simply choose from provided lists, such as a list of machines the user can select. Additionally, lists can be used for allow and blocklists allowing for control over what the secret owner can access.

Proxy Generic Connections

Secret Server can now securely tunnel a connection to servers operating on a variety of protocols.

Secret Erase

Users with the permissions to use the secret erase feature can permanently erase data from a secret. This provides Secret Server a method to purge secret data without reconciliation of the erased data. The existing "delete" function (now called "deactivate") allows you to "undelete" (reactivate). Secret erase can be audited as an event.

SSH Key Discovery

Secret Server discovery can now now discover SSH public keys by scanning key locations on Linux and Unix servers.

User Interface

Bug Fixes

Note: The same line item may appear in more than one section when it applies to both.

Access Requests and Secret Workflows

Alerts, Events, and Logging


Authentication, Login, and Directory Services


Event Subscriptions and Pipelines



Heartbeat, Distributed Engines, and RPC

Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstall


Fixed an issue with SAP launcher where record "Additional Processes" stops recording if it was opened from another process within "Process Arguments" and that process is closed.


Fixed an issue where duplicate report emails were received when a report schedule was not removed after a report with the same name was deleted. The fix does not allow two active reports to have the same report name when creating or updating a report.

Secret Server Cloud

Secrets, Policies, and Templates

Session Recording

SSH Proxy and Terminal

Users and Groups

Fixed an issue with the "Users Migrate to AD" function producing an invalid error when cancelling.

Web Password Filler

Fixed an issue where Web Password Filler did not prompt token generation for users on Windows 10 version 20H2.

Fixes made since Early Adopter Version 11.0.000000

Pending Deprecations

This section describes planned feature or platform-support deprecations in Secret Server.