Delinea Documentation - Secret Server - 11.1.0

Secret Server Release Notes 10.6.000000

Release Date: 2/12/2019

Upgrade Notes

Manual Updates When Using Integrated Windows Authentication with Distributed Engine

Customers using the Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) feature with a Distributed Engine need to perform a workaround when upgrading to Secret Server 10.6. IWA is the Windows feature where users log on their Windows domain only once—once logged on, any additional domain logons are done automatically without having to reenter a user name and password. Please see the Workaround for Integrated Windows Authentication When Upgrading to Secret Server 10.6 KB article.

Installing New Advanced Session Recording Agent

Customers using Advanced Session Recording need to deploy the new agent when upgrading to Secret Server 10.6. Secret Server 10.6 does not support the RDP Monitoring Agent from Privilege Manager for recording keystrokes or process auditing. For details please see the Secret Server Advanced Session-Recording Agent Installation Guide.

New Features


Advanced Session Recording


FIDO2 (YubiKey) Authentication

Launcher Compatibility


Remote Password Changing


RabbitMQ Helper


Bug Fixes

This issue resulted from missing resource strings on the page.