Administering Report Services with the Report Control Panel

You can use the Delinea Report Services Control Panel for the following tasks:

General Tab

  • View the status of data synchronization from Active Directory to the report database
  • View the domains or zones that are included for reporting
  • Start, stop, or restart the reporting service.

Monitored Zones Tab

This tab appears only if you’ve configured reporting based on specific zones instead of domains.
  • Edit the Hierarchical or Classic zones that you want to include in your reports. You can add or remove zones, as desired, and you can select zones from other trusted forests.

Settings Tab

  • Configure when the reporting service synchronizes data from Active Directory to the reporting database
  • Change the user account that runs the reporting service.
  • Add, edit, or remove domain controllers (in zone-based monitor mode) or domains (in domain-based monitor mode).
  • If you're using a PostgreSQL database, you can test the connection to the database.

Troubleshooting Tab

  • View the log files and set the level of detail that are collected in the log files.
  • Export diagnostics data for use by Delinea Technical Support (if technical support requests that you do so).
  • Rebuild or refresh the reports data
  • Validate that the reporting service has the correct permissions to read data from the monitored domains and replicate the data.