Introduction to Samba and Adbindproxy

Server Suite centrally secures cross-platform data centers through Active Directory-based identity and access management for a wide range of heterogeneous systems, hypervisors and applications.

Built on an integrated architecture that leverages patented technology, the Server Suite of solutions help centralize ID, access privilege delegation and policy management to reduce the organization’s IT expense and complexity, improve end-user productivity, strengthen security and enhance regulatory compliance initiatives. Key components of audit and monitoring service include integrated authentication, access control, role-based privilege management, user-level auditing and server protection solutions.

This book describes how to integrate the Samba open source file and print sharing program on a Linux or UNIX computer that has the DirectControl agent already installed.

Beginning in calendar year 2016, Centrify no longer supports the Centrify-enabled version of Samba that was available for use with earlier Server Suite releases. If you are currently using Centrify-enabled Samba with Server Suite 2013.3 or later, you must uninstall Centrify-enabled Samba, install open-source Samba, and install the latest version of the adbindproxy package. Those steps are described in Installing the Centrify Samba integration components. After you perform those steps, Server Suite (2013.3 or later) is integrated with open-source Samba.

Intended Audience

This book is written for an experienced system administrator familiar with the unpacking and installation of programs on Linux or UNIX computers. In addition, the instructions assume that you have a working knowledge of Samba and how to perform common administrative tasks for creating and maintaining Samba shares.

This book also requires you to have a working knowledge of Server Suite and how to perform common administrative tasks using the Access Manager console and the Active Directory Users and Computers administration tool. If you are unfamiliar with Server Suite, see the Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX and other documentation.

Using this Guide

The book guides you through the installation and configuration of the components necessary to integrate Server Suite and Samba. It is organized as follows: