Delinea Server Suite Free Administrator's Guide for Linux and UNIX

The Server Suite Free Administrator’s Guide for Linux and UNIX describes how to install, configure, and use the components in Delinea Server Suite Free for UNIX and Linux. Delinea Server Suite Free products are available for free to provide identity and access control for cross-platform data centers using Active Directory. With support for a wide range of operating systems, hypervisors, and applications, Delinea Server SuiteAgents can help your organization strengthen security and regulatory compliance while reducing IT expenses and costly interruptions to user productivity.

Delinea Server Suite Agents provide simplified cross-platform integration with Active Directory. In most cases, Delinea Server Suite Free agents require little or no configuration, and are available for download directly from the Delinea web site. By installing Delinea Server Suite Agents, you can add UNIX and Linux computers to Active Directory, authenticate user credentials from a central identity store, and support local and remote cross-platform single sign-on at no cost.

The following topics are available: