Group Policy Guide

The Group Policy Guide describes the Delinea group policies that are available in Server Suite for cross-platform access control and privilege management. These group policies allow you to centrally manage computer and user configuration settings through the Microsoft Group Policy Objects.

Intended Audience

This guide is intended for administrators who want to customize the operation of Delinea software by modifying group policies.

This guide is intended as a supplement to the main documentation set and assumes that you have a working knowledge of Delinea architecture and administration and Active Directory group policies.

Using this Guide

Depending on your environment and role as an administrator or user, you may want to read portions of this guide selectively. The guide provides the following information:

  • Group policies in Active Directory provides an introduction to group policies, how they are enabled, and how they are applied to Active Directory objects.
  • Server Suite group policy overview provides an overview of how Delinea group policies work.
  • Adding Delinea settings to Group Policies Objects describes how to add Centrify group policies to a Group Policy Object and how to edit group policy settings.
  • DirectControl Settings describes the group policies that control Delinea configuration parameters that are not related to auditing.
  • Audit and audit trail settings describes the group policies that control Delinea auditing configuration parameters.
  • Additional group policies for UNIX services describes the single-purpose group policies you can add to a Group Policy Object.
  • GNOME settings describes the Gnome group policies you can add to a Group Policy Object.
  • Mac OS X Settings provides an overview of the group policies available for Mac OS X users and computers.
  • Defining custom group policies describes how to create custom administrative templates to implement your own group policies.