Add centrifydc.conf properties

Use the Add centrifydc.conf properties group policy to add configuration parameters to the agent configuration file. Although you can set many configuration parameters and values by using the associated group policy, not all configuration parameters have an associated group policy. The Add centrifydc.conf properties group policy enables you to specify any configuration parameter and its value.

See the Configuration and Tuning Reference Guide for a list of all configuration parameters.

To use this group policy, select Enabled, then click Add. Enter a property name and property value. For example, to change the adnisd update interval to 10 minutes:

Property name: nisd.update.rate

Property value: 600

Be careful when adding parameters because there is no error checking. If you enter a nonexistent property name or invalid value, the parameter and value will be added to the configuration file as-is. An invalid parameter name will simply be ignored but an invalid value could cause configuration problems.