Ticketing System Integration


Secret Server can allow users to enter a ticket number when viewing a secret. This number can be validated through a regular expression, and can also be marked as required, if needed. Secret Server can integrate with third party ticket systems. See below for more information.

Ticket System Tab

You can add multiple ticket systems from the Ticket System tab. To add a new system, click New Ticket System.

You can make a select ticket system be Secret Server's default ticketing system by clicking on the link of the desired system, then clicking Set as Default.

Ticket Number Validation


Secret Server can require users to enter a ticket number when viewing a secret. Admins can track access to secrets based on an external ticket system. On the Ticket System tab of the Configuration page, an administrator can enter the settings to match the ticket system.

After the ticket system is enabled in Secret Server, a user can enter a ticket number on the Comment screen or the Request Access screen.

The secret needs to have Require Comment or Requires Approval for Access enabled to allow the user to enter a ticket number. When a ticket number is required, this secret setting is displayed as "Require Comment/Ticket Number" on the Security tab.

Configurable Settings

  • Auditing: The ticket number appears in the audit log and can be queried in reports. If the View Ticket URL has been set, the log shows the ticket number as a hyperlink linking to the external ticket system. See the next bullet for more.

  • View Ticket URL Template: The format of the URL to be used for viewing the ticket. This is placed in the audit log so you can easily view the corresponding ticket from Secret Server. The Ticket URL Format field can be edited on the "Ticketing System Integration" tab of the configuration page. In this field, the $TICKETID parameter will be replaced by the ticket number that is entered by the user. For example, if you specify the template as http://myticketingsystem/ticket.aspx?ticketid=$TICKETID, and a user enters 5125-242 as the ticket number, a link will appear in the audit log to http://myticketingsystem/ticket.aspx?ticketid=5125-242.

  • Ticket Number and Reason Options: This option allows fine-grained control of what the user must enter when Require Comment is enabled and ticket system integration is turned on.

    • Reason Only Required: Ticket number is optional, reason is required.

    • Both Required: Ticket number and reason are required.

    • Ticket Number or Reason Required: Either ticket number or reason must be entered.

    • Ticket Number Only Required: Ticket number is required, reason is optional.

  • Ticket Number Format Pattern (Regex): A regular expression to use for validating the ticket number entered. This can help prevent typos in the number. For details on creating this expression, see the Setting a Ticket Pattern Regex.

  • Ticket Number Label: The text that displays next to the Ticket Number box on the Comment or Request Access page.

  • Ticket Number Validation Error Message: The error message to display to the user when their entered ticket number fails the validation pattern regex.

Setting a Ticket Pattern Regex

If you are using ticketing system integration, you can set a ticket pattern on the Ticket System Integration tab of the Configuration page. If you do not want to restrict what ticket numbers a user can enter, you can leave the Ticket Number Validation Pattern (Regex) text box empty. If you do want to restrict it, you can enter a regular expression in the text box. The ticket number entered must match the regular expression.

For more information on regular expressions, please refer to Regular Expressions.

If you are supported and need assistance setting up a validation pattern, feel free to email support@thycotic.com.

Here is an example for a ticket pattern that must be a valid number: ^[0-9]+$

Third-Party Integrations

Secret Server can integrate into third-party ticket systems as well. Those supported are listed below. You can add multiple ticket systems to Secret Server by clicking New Ticket System. You can make a specific ticket system the default system used by Secret Server by clicking the System link and then clicking the Set as Default button.

The third-party integrations: