Secret Server Major Browser Support

Secret Server can accommodate most major browsers available today. This article covers each major browser and version supported by Secret Server, as well as support for the copy-to-clipboard feature.

For the best security, always keep your browser updated to the latest version.

Browser Supported Versions Copy-to-Clipboard Support
Chrome v25.0 and later v25.0 and later; requires extension (all platforms)
Edge v20.10240 and later Not supported
Firefox v57.0 and later v57.0 and later; requires add-on (all platforms)
Internet Explorer Not supported Not supported
Safari Not supported v5.0 - v11; requires add-on for MacOS X Snow Leopard and later. Safari for Windows does not support copy-to-clipboard.
Opera Not supported Not supported

Language Support

Secret Server natively supports the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Mandarin, simplified

  • Mandarin, traditional

  • Portuguese

Using Chrome to Access Secret Server

The Chrome extension prompts users for "tabs" permissions, which Chrome uses to detect your browsing history, including what tabs you open and the URLs they open to. Secret Server uses the tabs permission function only to clear passwords on exit. No history is recorded.