Secret Configuration Options

Common Configuration Options

These are the configuration options that are common to every secret:

  • Convert Template: Change which template is being used to store and display information in this Secret.
  • Copy Secret: Create a duplicate copy of the secret, which may also be renamed and modified.
  • Delete: Delete the secret.
  • Edit: Edit the secret parameters.
  • Favorite: Click the star from the Dashboard or check this box on the Secret View page to mark the Secret as a favorite. It then displays in the Favorite Secrets widget.
  • Folder: Folder location of the secret. The secret inherits permissions of this folder, depending on the Default Secret Permissions setting in the Secret Server Configuration options.
  • Share: Configure the sharing settings, or permissions, for the secret.
  • View Audit: View the secret audit log to see which users have accessed the secret and the actions that have been performed.

Advanced Configuration Options

These are the buttons, fields, and icons that are available for more advanced secrets:

  • Expire Now: Expire the secret manually.
  • RDP Launcher Icon: Click to open the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Launcher. See further details in the Launcher section.
  • Run Heartbeat: Initiate heartbeat, which attempts to verify that the secret credentials can authenticate.
  • Site: Edit the secret to set the distributed engine site. This determines where password changing, heartbeat, and proxied sessions run from.