Creating Secrets

To create a secret:

  1. Click the + icon and select New Secret. The Create New Secret page appears:


  2. Click the Choose a Secret Template list or type a template name in the Search for template name box to choose a template from which to create the secret .

    If you do not find a suitable template available, you can create a custom template.
  3. Click the Create Secret button. A Create New Secret page appears.

    These pages differ significantly, based on the secret template you chose. For this instruction, we chose the frequently used Web Password template.


  4. Complete the text boxes and selection controls on the page.

    The password generator is governed by a password requirement, which is usually set via the secret template. However, you can override the template for this secret and set the requirement to something different in the Password Requirements section of the Security tab, after you create the secret.
  5. Click the Generate button to create a strong password that meets the requirements for that type of secret. You can also add your own.

    Click the eyeball icon to see a list of the current requirements and what you have already typed. The maximum password length is 1024.

    The bar below the text box indicates the strength of the password you enter—it stays red but gets longer as the password quality improves.


    As you meet each requirement, a green checkmark appears next to it.


    Once you have met all the requirements, the color bar is full length and green.

  6. Click the Sites dropdown list to select a site the secret belongs to.

  7. (Optional) Click to select the Auto Change Enabled check box to enable automatic remote password changing (RPC) for the secret.

  8. Click the Create Secret button. The new secret's page appears.

  9. Click any of the tabs to further configure the secret.

It is possible to import data as secrets. See Importing Secrets.