Password Changer List


Secret Server includes many pre-configured password changers that are used by Remote Password Changing (RPC). The following are commonly used password changers, and the list is always growing.

To see the latest list, go to Admin > RPC > Configure RPC.
Secret Server can use scripted password changers for devices that support SSH or Telnet (this allows for flexibility in changing passwords on less common devices). You can also run custom RPC PowerShell scripts to conduct password changes to other platforms.


The following are the current built-in password changers:

  • Active Directory Account
  • Active Directory LDS
  • AD LDS
  • Amazon IAM Console Password Privileged Account
  • Amazon IAM Key
  • AS/400 IBM iSystem
  • Azure AD
  • Blue Coat Account Custom (SSH)
  • Blue Coat Enable Password Custom (SSH)
  • Cisco Account Custom (SSH)
  • Cisco Account Custom (Telnet)
  • Cisco Enable Secret Custom (SSH)
  • Cisco Enable Secret Custom (Telnet)
  • Dummy PowerShell Changer
  • ESX/ESXi (API)
  • F5 BIG-IP Root Account (SSH)
  • Generic Discovery-Only Credentials
  • Generic ODBC (DataSource)
  • Generic ODBC (PostgreSQL DataSource)
  • Generic ODBC (SQL DataSource)
  • Google IAM Service Account Key
  • HP iLO Account Custom (SSH)
  • IBM iSeries Mainframe
  • Juniper Account Custom (SSH)
  • LDAP (Active Directory)
  • LDAP (OpenLDAP)
  • MySQL Account
  • New Cisco PW Changer
  • New PW Changer
  • Oracle Account
  • Oracle Account (AS SYS)
  • Oracle Account (DataSource)
  • Oracle Account (TCPS)
  • Oracle Account (Template Ver 2)
  • PostgreSQL Account (x64)
  • PowerShell Script **
  • SAP Account **
  • SonicWall NSA Web Admin Account
  • SonicWall NSA Web Local User Account
  • SQL Server Account
  • SSH Key Rotation **
  • SSH Key Rotation (No Password) **
  • SSH Key Rotation Privileged Account **
  • SSH Key Rotation Privileged Account (No Password) **
  • Sybase Account
  • Unix Account (SSH)
  • Unix Account (Telnet)
  • Unix Account Custom (SSH)
  • Unix Account Custom (Telnet)
  • Unix Account SU Takeover (SSH)
  • Unix Account SUDO Takeover (SSH)
  • Unix Root Account Custom (SSH)
  • WatchGuard Custom (SSH)
  • Web User Account (built-in support for AWS, Google, Salesforce)
  • Windows Account
  • z/OS Mainframe
  • z/OS Mainframe (Priv Account)

* Does not require an Advanced Scripting Add-On License. Will require PowerShell installation. ** Professional Edition add-on/Platinum Edition only

Other platforms that Secret Server can change passwords on include:

  • AS/400
  • Linux / Mac
  • Check Point
  • Enterasys
  • Dell DRAC