Secret Server Cloud Release Notes for December 3, 2022

Component Versions

Distributed Engine:

Protocol Handler:

New Features



  • Improved custom date functionality when running data replication. Users can now access it through a dialog that pops up when clicking "Run Data Replication."
  • Added the User parameter to the IBM iSeries Mainframe connection for launching, password changing, and heartbeat.
  • Improved performance of discovery dependency matching.
  • Added "Run Scripts" role permissions to ensure users with the "View Scripts" role permission cannot run test scripts.
  • Improved the secret grid-view filter and column settings.
  • Added extra logging for CSV export failures.


  • Fixed an issue where service dependency changers would fail due to Windows using a different naming format than the secret. Added error handling for several possible cases.
  • Fixed an issue where session recording would sometimes show a 500 error, even though the client would retry. Replaced this with a HTTP 429 response, explicitly informing the client to retry.
  • Fixed a memory leak in SSH proxy.
  • Fixed an issue with slow-loading sessions failing to load when using session connector.
  • Fixed an issue where launchers were not working in maintenance mode for proxied connections.
  • Fixed an issue where PuTTY would close immediately following a session error. This was due to a default setting change in PuTTY, that is now explicitly set to remain open on installation or update of the protocol handler.
  • Fixed an issue where the checkout timer expired and caused an infinite redirect loop resulting in the secret page blinking after check-in time out and the secret still in use for RDP.
  • Fixed an issue where "Days Until Expiration" value on the secrets grid would show a large negative number if expiration is forced. This now displays "Expiration forced."
  • Fixed an issue where converting a secret in a folder with a launcher settings policy threw an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the folder picker would not populate when adding folders in event pipeline policies while in unlimited admin mode. Other areas with the same dialog should be checked too.
  • Fixed an issue where master encryption key rotation would fail due to discovery import rules running at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where the test buttons would not function for the Oracle Account Ver. 2 password changer.
  • Fixed an issue where the secrets.csv file was not downloaded.
  • Fixed an issue with the group filter in event pipeline to ensure precise name matching is correctly used.
  • Fixed an issue with an activation banner saying activation was required but no entries where returned from the activation site.
  • Fixed an issue where spatial pattern validation password requirements with large passwords took a long time to generate or threw a 500 error.
  • Fixed an issue where PowerShell-based dependency changers would not correctly pass arguments.
  • Fixed an issue where file contents during SFTP/SCP file transfers were included in the session keystroke recordings.
  • Fixed an issue with disaster recovery synchronization not replicating deleted launcher mappings.
  • Fixed an issue where disaster recovery would log many password requirements errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the light/dark mode toggle displayed "Enable Dark Mode" even though the UI was already in dark mode. This was due to a dark mode browser preference and no explicit user preference having been set.
  • In the summary log for Data Replication, items replicated will now be listed in alphabetical order, success and version number will appear before the list of items and any errors will be appended at the end.
  • Added the internal site connector configuration to the configuration preview.
  • Optimized application caching.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an RPC Schedule from a secret policy did not update a secret assigned to the policy.
  • Fixed a SAML audit error.
  • Fixed an issue with check in when the "Check in Secret on Launcher Close" and "Close Launcher on Check In Secret" settings were both false.
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by folder path in the secret grid view would return an error.
  • Fixed an issue where monitoring and termination of live sessions was not displayed in the UI. This now takes the user to the regular session playback page, which displays the live session.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted Active Directory groups were not reflected as disabled during Active Directory synchronization. This now correctly registers as a disabled group and is disabled if configuration is set to "Mirror the AD Status."
  • Fixed an issue where FileZilla failed to fallback if SFTP subsystem is not enabled on target.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI session monitoring search required additional permissions to load.
  • Fixed an issue where installation on specific dates on servers with a dd/mm/YYYY localization configuration would prevent some configuration settings from being read.
  • Fixed an issue with RADIUS challenges in cloud.
  • Fixed an issue where the terminate option on the session playback page was missing.
  • Updated the IBM launcher name.
  • Fixed a policy-activation validation issue for the "Secret Has RPC Enabled" filter.
  • Fixed an issue where reports generate an application error if users navigated away from the report while it was loading.
  • Fixed an error where the new SSH proxy custom SSH cipher suite settings were not picked up by distributed engines.
  • Fixed an issue where missing file attachments caused DR replications to fail.
  • Added a banner displaying the Classic UI deprecation planned for December 10, 2022.
  • Fixed an issue where secret items were not hashed for indexing if updated from an empty value.
  • Fixed an issue where an "invalid SQL error" was incorrectly displayed when a report timed out.
  • Added a row button in secret view to indicate that rows can be expanded for preview.

Future and Recent Deprecations

This section describes planned future deprecation of feature or platform support in Secret Server.