Secret Server Release Notes 5.x

Release 5.1.000001

Minor Updates to 5.1

  • Changed link on Administration pages, from "Languages" to "Language Maintenance"
  • BUG: Fixed issues with URL case sensitive localization causing mixed languages to be displayed.

Release 5.1.000000

Main Focus: New email alerts and support for PuTTY Features and Enhancements

  • Added support for launching PuTTY for UNIX-based secrets
  • Added ability to receive email alerts when secrets are viewed
  • Added ability to receive email alerts when a dependency fails to update on an automatic password change
  • Added new role permission for searching/viewing inactive secrets
  • Changed folder creation/movement to only require edit permissions on the parent folder
  • Added support for Remote Desktop launcher with Windows Integrated Authentication
  • Added new bulk operations for deactivating and setting autochange on secrets
  • All pages now maintain scroll position on postback
  • Added a Languages page for Administrators to update and translate content to their language of choice
  • Added an OK button to the top of the Folder picker
  • Added additional folder management buttons to the top of the Folder Administration screen
  • Added functionality to make Secret Server 64 bit compatible
  • Searching on all fields no longer splits words up by periods Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug on Login where a minimum password age error was shown when creating a local user
  • Fixed bug with Windows Service Dependency Changers when using Windows Accounts due to a missing prefix of the machine name
  • Fixed bug related to unlimited setting on Remember Me
  • Fixed null reference bug on Secret Audit when user does have "View Secret" role permission
  • Fixed bug where an incorrect validation message was displayed when password history was set to 'all'

Release 5.0.000002

Main Focus: Minor enhancements to 5.0

  • Improved database indexes for search functionality.
  • BUG: Fixed issue that intermittently occurred in older Secret Server instances when upgrading.
  • BUG: Fixed to not send alerts when search indexing.
  • BUG: Fixed Secret Template to not allow search indexing on file attachments.
  • Fix: Cleaned up the CSS and layout on several pages.

Release 5.0.00000

Main Focus:Changing Passwords for Scheduled Tasks and Service Accounts Features and Enhancements:

  • Enhanced Remote Password Changing to update dependent Scheduled Tasks, IIS AppPools and Windows Services.
  • Added Checkout option to provide accountability for the use of a secret – the password gets changed automatically on checking.
  • Enhanced search functionality to allow users to search by all fields.
  • Implemented 'Change Password Remotely' feature to allow users to immediately change a password on a remote server.
  • Added new default theme to enhance the readability of the UI.
  • Export by folder now includes all child folders.
  • Added the SecretID field to Secret Server webservices to provide integration for custom development.
  • Administrators can now force local user password expiration.
  • Added configurable minimum password age requirements for local user passwords.
  • Added password history configuration options to prevent users from using past local user passwords.
  • Webservices and Secret Assistant usage now creates view audit records.
  • SSH Remote Password Changing now works for "root" accounts.
  • Added ability to automatically delete excess database backups on the application server. Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug that occurred when trying to access the Administer Groups page with no active local groups.
  • Fixed unlimited remember me bug with Secret Assistant.
  • Fixed bug when trying to create a new secret from a Secret Template with no fields.
  • Fixed bug where SSH remote password changing left open connections.
  • Fixed bug where Secret Assistant would return inactive secrets.