Secret Server: 11.3.000002 Release Notes

Release Dates and Notes

On-Premises: November 15, 2022

Cloud: November 11, 2022

Component Versions

Distributed Engine:

Protocol Handler:

New Features




  • Improved discovery dependency matching performance.

Secrets, Policies, and Templates

  • Added a secret policy setting to control "Change Password Upon Check-In" behavior. Previously, this was enabled if "Require Check Out" was enabled.
  • Optimized Performance of /api/v2/secrets endpoint when searching by secret name.

Session Recording and Monitoring

  • Added a terminate option to the session playback page


Access Requests, Checkout, Secret Workflows, and Doublelocks

  • Check in now works as expected if settings "Check In Secret on Launcher Close" and "Close Launcher on Check In Secret" are both false.

Alerts, Auditing, and Logs

  • Fixed an error in SAML audits.

Authentication, Login, and Directory Services

  • Fixed an issue where deleted Active Directory groups would not be reflected as disabled during Active Directory synchronization. This now correctly registers as a disabled group and is disabled in Secret Server if configuration is set to mirror the AD status.
  • Fix an issue with RADIUS challenges in Secret Server Cloud.
  • Fixed an issue where installation on specific dates on servers with a dd/mm/YYYY localization configuration would prevent reading some configuration settings.

Encryption, Passwords, and Certificates

  • Fixed an issue where longer passwords with spatial pattern complexity rules enabled would fail to generate. Spatial patterns are now compared at a length of four characters if the password is above 50 characters.


  • Fixed an issue where the Secret Server website would not load if the internal site connector is unavailable at startup.

Remote Password Changing

  • Added the User parameter to the IBM iSeries Mainframe Connection for launching, password changing and heartbeat functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where PowerShell-based dependency changers would not correctly pass arguments.
  • Fixed an issue where removing an RPC schedule from a secret policy does not update a secret assigned to the policy.
  • Fixed an issue where the IBM iSeries password changer was not properly adding the model value to the connection string.

Secrets, Policies, and Templates

  • Fixed an error when converting a secret in a folder with a launcher settings policy.
  • Fixed an issue where the test buttons would not function for the Oracle Account Ver. 2 password changer.
  • Fixed an issue where "Days Until Expiration" value on the secrets grid would show a large negative number if expiration is forced. This now displays "Expiration forced."
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by folder path in the secret grid view would return an error.

Session Recording and Monitoring

  • Fixed an issue where the advanced session recording agent would attempt to make many reconnections in a short time span.
  • Fixed an issue where monitoring and termination of live sessions was not appearing in the New UI. This now takes users to the regular session playback page, which displays the live session.
  • Fixed an issue where file contents during SFTP/SCP file transfers were not included in session keystroke recordings.
  • Fixed an issue where the new UI session monitoring search required additional permissions to load.

Future and Recent Deprecations

This section describes planned future deprecation of feature or platform support in Secret Server.