Moving Secrets Between Folders

  1. Consider the following before moving a secret between folders:

    • To add or move a secret to a folder, you must have edit permission on that folder (either direct or through inheritance).

    • To move a secret from a folder, you must have edit permission on that secret. If the secret has the "Inherit Permissions from folder" setting enabled, then you must have owner permission to move that secret to a new folder.

    • When a secret is moved to a folder, it automatically gets the "Inherit Permissions from folder" setting even if it had specific permissions before the move.

  2. Navigate to the folder containing the secret or secrets you want to move.

  3. Click to select the check box on the left for all the secret you want to move. The Bulk Actions button appears at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click the Bulk Actions button. A popup appears:


  5. Click the Move to Folder link. The Move Secrets pop-up page appears:


  6. Navigate to and select the target folder for the secret or secrets.

  7. Click the Move Secrets button. The Bulk Progress popup appears.

  8. The secret moves to the selected folder.