Discovery Error Messages

The following are common error messages received when performing discovery and their possible causes:

User credentials cannot be used for local connections

This error typically occurs when attempting to run discovery on the server that Secret Server is running on, due to WMI restrictions.

No AD Account Services

No services run by Active Directory accounts have been found on the machine.

Computer is inaccessible or does not exist

Port 135 is blocked.

The target computer could not be reached

The machine is not connected to the network.

Access Denied

The account used to sync the domain with Secret Server does not have domain admin or local admin privileges for the machine it is attempting to scan for accounts.

Bad parameters - Script Error: Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Message' because it is null.

There is a mismatch between parameters referenced by the script and the arguments passed in. Check the script arguments on the scanner or dependency changer against the script.