APIs and Scripting

This section contains general material on API access and scripting. APIs, scripts and techniques may appear elsewhere in the documentation for specific aspects of Secret Server. For example, Automatic Secret Export REST API is in the Secret Import and Export section.

Secret Server offers a robust set of web services and APIs that enable organizations to seamlessly integrate privileged account management into their IT infrastructure and automate critical security processes. These APIs are designed to provide a secure and flexible way to interact with Secret Server programmatically, allowing for the development of custom workflows, integration with third-party applications, and enhancement of DevOps practices.

Web Services API

Secret Server's web services API includes both SOAP and RESTful interfaces, making it accessible to a wide range of programming languages and platforms. Developers can use these APIs to automate tasks such as creating, retrieving, and managing secrets, as well as configuring folders and permissions. This level of integration is crucial for maintaining a secure and efficient environment where privileged credentials are centrally managed and protected.

Key features of the Web Services API include:

  • Authenticating to Secret Server
  • Creating and managing folders
  • Saving new secrets and editing existing ones
  • Searching for secrets
  • Setting permissions on secrets and folders

Learn more about API web services:

REST API Examples

Delinea provides examples and guides for using the REST API with various programming languages, such as Python and Perl. These examples demonstrate how to authenticate to Secret Server, retrieve secrets, and perform updates on secret fields and items. The REST API is particularly user-friendly, leveraging standard HTTP methods and status codes for operations, making it a preferred choice for modern web applications.

REST API capabilities include:

  • Integration with scripting languages for custom automation
  • Operations to manage secrets and their attributes
  • Token-based authentication for secure access

REST API documentation:

By using Secret Server's web services and APIs, organizations can ensure that their privileged account management is not only secure but also seamlessly integrated with their existing tools and workflows, enabling them to maintain a strong security posture while improving operational efficiency.