Convert a CA Certificate to PEM File

RabbitMQ only supports PEM file format for certificate verification. Typically, a collection of CA certificates is provided in a single file referred to as a CA bundle. There are two types of certificates: the Root certificate and the Intermediate certificate.

Once generated, the newly created PEM file will be placed in %PROGRAMFILES%\Delinea Software Ltd\RabbitMq Site Connector\.

For more information on certificates and TLS Support for RabbitMQ, see TLS Support.

Example Localhostca.cer

The Examples folder contains a test localhostca.cer. This certificate fileCER is strictly for testing TLS on a single machine. You have to import it in the machine Trusted Root Certification Authorities since it is not a real CA certificate and is not trusted. Any connections made to RabbitMQ when this certificate is used will otherwise fail.

$path = "$env:programfiles\Delinea Software Ltd\RabbitMq Helper\net6.0\Examples";

#Use a real CA cert in production unless there are good reasons not to
Convert-CaCertToPem `
  -CaCertPath "$path\localhostca.cer" `