Convert CA Certificate Chain to PEM File

RabbitMQ only supports PEM File format for certificate verification. The new PEM file created below will be placed in the %HomeDirectory%\rabbitmq folder.

Chains of CA certificates are usually distributed together in a single file. Such a file is called a CA bundle. One certificate is considered a Root certificate and the other is considered an Intermediate certificate.

The new PEM file created will be placed in %PROGRAMFILES%\Delinea Software Ltd\RabbitMq Site Connector\.

Example rootca.cer and inetrmediateca.cer

In the Examples folder, you will find rootca.cer and intermediateca.cer files. These certificates are intended for the purpose of testing TLS on a single machine. It is important to note that they are not real CA certificates and therefore cannot be trusted. To use them, import them into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder. Any connections made to RabbitMQ when these certificates are used will fail.

$path = "$env:programfiles\Delinea Software Ltd\RabbitMq Helper\Examples";

# Use real CA certs in production unless there are good reasons not to Convert-CaCertChainToPem 
    -RootCertPath "$path\rootca.cer" 
    -IntermediateCertPath "$path\intermediateca.cer" `

Click here for more information on certificates and TLS Support for RabbitMQ.