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11.4.0 Release Notes

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Note: When upgrading Privilege Manager to a newer version, Delinea recommends upgrading the Directory Services agent such that both are running on the same release version.


This issue is not a Delinea issue and the information provided here is being provided as a courtesy.


After applying the February 14, 2023 Microsoft update KB5022842 (OS Build 20348.1547) on a Virtualized Windows Server 2022 with Secure Boot Enabled and rebooting the server a second time, the machine might crash and not start up. This issue is reproducible without any Delinea products installed on the Windows Server 2022 system.


Microsoft and VMWare are currently looking into the root cause of the system crash.

The issue arises on the second reboot after installing Microsoft update KB5022842 on Windows Server 2022 running on VMWare vSphere ESXi 6.7 U2/U3 or vSphere ESXi 7.0.x.


Refer to the following VMWare article for further information and for steps on how to mitigate/resolve the issue:

Virtual Machine with Windows Server 2022 KB5022842 (OS Build 20348.1547) configured with secure boot enabled not booting up (90947) (

Note: Delinea recommends as a best practice to create system restore points prior to doing system changes such as patches.

Privilege Manager Windows Agent Security Update

A local privilege escalation vulnerability that could be exploited to allow access and/or modification of highly privileged system-level folders and files. This impacts all versions of Privilege Manager Agent on Microsoft Windows before v 11.4.1030. This issue is rated High with an 7.8 Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) score. Please see the CVSS Calculator for details.

Acknowledgement: Delinea would like to acknowledge Danish Cyber Defence, and Johannes Hatting - IT-Security Specialist, for their role in identifying this vulnerability, and working with our team in its expedited resolution.


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