December 2nd, 2021 - Release Notes


Front-end Improvements

  • Navigation Improvements:

    • Main Navigation menu, which has been a top navigation menu, has moved to the left navigation menu.
    • Grouped related data and view toggling.


    • Tabbed menus.


    • Breadcrumb navigation to improve drill-down into details and back navigation.


    • Dashboard modifications, to represent information via a modernized view.

    • Watch List modernization to align with other Delinea products.

    • Column options to view historical behavior alert data.

    Back-end Improvements

    • PBA is introducing a confidence score that will accompany risk scores. The confidence score is an amalgam of data variety, data volume, and temporal factors. As PBA becomes more familiar with the actions of a given user, the system’s confidence in the reported risk score of the user’s action will increase towards full confidence.
    • The Risk API introduces an endpoint that will return the Risk score of the event for external consumption. For example, a third-party identity provider could request the risk score programmatically and send an MFA challenge if the score were to exceed a set threshold.