The Privilege Manager UI

The Privilege Manager user interface, also referred to as the console, is launched in a browser. The URL to launch the user interface has the following form:



  • server-domain, indicates the customer specific domain name, for example:

    • for On-premises installations and
    • for Cloud instances.

The User Interface (UI) seen by all <MadCap:variable name="global-vars.ProductName" /> roles is the same (whether Administrator or other). However, most of the interface is enabled only when you login in as a <MadCap:variable name="global-vars.ProductName" /> Administrator; the other roles are able to perform very few activities.

Upon login, the Home page is displayed in the page navigation area. At any point in navigating the application, click Privilege Manager in the left navigation panel to return to the Home page.

The functional areas of the UI are shown here. Refer to Navigation and Controls for detailed usage.


The Privilege Manager application has been enhanced to support accessibility features that include keyboard navigation in the left navigation panel and top menu bar, keyboard shortcuts, and screen readers that support tool tips and on-screen controls.

Use the Tab key to advance, or Shift + Tab key combination to move back when interacting with screen elements. This includes elements on the left navigation panel, top menu bar and tabs and fields on a page.

Left Navigation Panel

The left navigation panel provides access to all Privilege Manager functionality (e.g., computer groups, file inventory, administration).

The main menu bar, is present in the top right of all pages. It contains access to:

Page Content

Page Navigation and Controls present information for using controls on a page when performing tasks in the Privilege Managerapplication.