Privilege Manager includes an array of reports. To access reports navigate to the top menu, click the Reports tab for a list of relevant out-of-the-box reports that span a spectrum of system activity and diagnostic information in Privilege Manager.

Click on the name of any of these reports to access details about your system.

Reports Landing page

The Select Report Options button lets users customize which of the default report options are shown on the Reports landing page.

select report options

By default all reports are listed on the Reports landing page. Use the switch to disable showing any given report.

Data Records Displayed

Users can adjust the amount of data entries to display per page. When you adjust this number of rows on a page

items per page

The default number of data grid rows to display on pages across the Privilege Manager UI is set via Navigation and Controls.

Export Options

Privilege Manager reports can be exported via CSV and PDF export option buttons.

export format

Once the CSV or PDF button is clicked, users can choose to:

  • export the current page or
  • export all pages.

export options

Selecting all pages might take some time to complete, depending on the overall size of the data records to export.