Battery Preference Pane

Standard User - System Defaults

For standard users, when Battery is not managed by a policy, the following conditions apply:

  • All controls are disabled and the padlock icon is closed.

  • Clicking on the padlock icon results in a prompt, asking for administrator credentials.


Admin User – System Defaults

For admin users, the Battery pane does not have a padlock.


Admin and Standard User - Managed by Policy

For admin and standard users, when Battery is managed by a policy to elevate, the following conditions apply:

  • All controls are enabled.
  • The padlock icon is not present for admin users and unlocked for standard users.

If the policy includes an advanced message action, the admin and standard users will be prompted accordingly.


macOS Ventura

In macOS Ventura, System Settings, previously System Preferences, looks much different. There are no longer padlocks that unlock settings. Admin credentials are asked when a user attempts to change individual settings.

Support for targeting the new Battery Preference Pane is available in Privilege Manager Agent version 11.4.0 and Server version 11.4. The Battery pane is shown here.

Battery was split into the Battery and Lock Screen panes in macOS Ventura. See Lock Screen for more information.