Software Downloads

This page provides links to DelineaPrivilege Manager product and agents software downloads.

Delinea supports the use of software versions up to a year prior to the current version. You can find the documentation for previous versions here.

Server Software

Version Product
12.0.0 Combined Secret Server and Installer - Authentication required!
Privilege Manager Application Files - Authentication required!

Agent Software

Windows Workstations

Agent Version Product
12.0.1016 Bundled Privilege Manager Agent Installer - Windows
12.0.1016 Core Thycotic Agent (x64)
12.0.1016 Core Thycotic Agent (x86)
12.0.1016 Application Control Agent (x64) [*1]
12.0.1016 Application Control Agent (x86) [*1]
12.0.1016 Local Security Solution Agent (x64)
12.0.1016 Local Security Solution Agent (x86)
12.0.1016 Bundled Privilege Manager Core and Directory Services Agent - Windows
12.0.1002 Directory Services Agent (x64)
  • [1]: Do not update to version 12, if workstation runs Windows 10 version 1507.

macOS Workstations

Privilege Manager version 12.0.0 is the last version of the Mac agent to support macOS 10.15 Catalina, for which Apple has not released a security update since July 2022. Going forward,Privilege Manager will follow the common practice of supporting those OS versions that Apple itself supports with security updates, namely, the current and two previous versions of macOS. (We anticipate discontinuing support for macOS 11 Big Sur when we implement support for the next release of macOS in late 2024.) We encourage our users to upgrade to a supported version of macOS to continue receiving the latest features and security updates.

  Product OS Version Support Privilege Manager macOS Agent Catalina and later using System Extensions (Apple silicon & Intel)

Privilege Manager no longer supports Unix/Linux. While you can download the agent, there will be no additional agent updates.