Getting Started

The steps for Getting Started vary, depending on whether you are implementing a cloud or on-premise instance of Privilege Manager.

Depending on your installation refer to either:

Deployment Types - Cloud vs. On-Premise

The following features and options are different from On-premises or previous Privilege Manager Cloud (10.7.x) releases:

  • The ServiceNow connector is automatically installed for all new cloud instances.
  • The SMTP server is automatically configured during the cloud instance setup.
  • The setup is managed by Delinea and installations, upgrades, and repairs are unavailable to the customer directly, this includes setup, add/remove feature options, and connection options to existing Secret Server. Upgrade notices and banners are removed with upgrades being handled by Delinea during maintenance periods.
  • All license key management is done via Delinea and license keys are not visible on the licensing page. There are presently no options for customers to add additional licenses directly.

The following features and options are not available in Privilege Manager Cloud:

  • Server-side Powershell scripts not signed by Delinea are not allowed. Custom server-side work can be done via Professional Services engagements.

All other features and functionality of Privilege Manager On-premises and Cloud are the same unless otherwise specified.