macOS Agent Utility Preference Pane

With the 10.8 release of Privilege Manager, Delinea introduced a UI based macOS Agent Utility implemented as a preference pane. The utility provides functionality previously only available via Terminal shell commands. The utility allows customers to easily troubleshoot by

  • checking an endpoint status.
  • view an endpoint cache.

It also offers UI guided means to

  • register the agent with the server.
  • update the endpoint to retrieve latest policies.

Accessing the Agent Utility

To access the Privilege ManagermacOS Agent Utility,

  1. Open the System Preferences on your macOS endpoint.

    pref pane

  2. Click Privilege Manager to open the preference pane.

General Tab

When a local admin user opens the utility, the controls to make changes are unlocked. For standard users they are locked, but can be unlocked by providing an administrator user name and password, just as possible with all other preference panes.

general tab

On the general tab the utility provides under Agent Information details like the Computer Name, Agent Id, the number of applicable policies and client items cached. It also provides the data/time stamp of the last update.

Under Server Information the Server URL for the current agent registration is listed. Here, administrator users can either Register a not yet registered agent, or modify an existing agent registration.

Use Update Client Items to trigger a client item update. When Update Client Items is clicked and if there are updates to applicable policies or policies are added to the endpoint, the last updated timestamp will change to reflect when the last client items change on the endpoint happened. The date/time stamp does not reflect when the last update client items command ran, the date/time stamp only updates when there was an actual change on the endpoint.

Registering/Modifying an Agent

To register an agent or to modify an existing agent registration via agent utility, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Privilege Manageragent utility.

  2. On the General tab under Server Information click Register or Modify.


    1. Enter the Server URL for the agent registration or modified registration.
    2. If the agent has been installed without an install code or the agent's registration was revoked, provide an install code to register the agent.
    3. Click Save.

Client Items Tab

The Client Items tab provides an overview of all client items on the endpoint. The client items are grouped into the following categories:

  • Policies
  • Actions
  • Commands
  • Filters
  • Provisioned Resources

The following image shows the client items on the endpoint in an unlocked preference pane with policies expanded.

client items unlocked

Use expand/collapse to better navigate through the list of applicable client items on the endpoint. The following image shows the client items on the endpoint in a locked preference pane with policies, commands, filters, and provisioned resources collapsed.

client items locked