Terminal Commands

In the macOS Terminal application you can perform the following commands directly to your Delinea macOS agent, using the pmagentctl utility.

To find this list, enter the following into Terminal:


Commands returned for the pmagentctl Utility

Overview: PM Agent Control

Usage: pmagentctl < subcommand >


--version (show the version)

-h, --help (show help information)


subcommand description
agentid Gets the Agent ID
dumpconfig Gets Agent Configuration Data
register Initiates an Agent registration (requires elevated privileges)
server Set server URL and optional install code (requires elevated privileges)
isregistered Gets the Agent registration status
updateclientitems Update client items (requires elevated privileges)
listclientitems List client items. By default, all categories of client items are included
runschedule Policy ID to run (requires elevated privileges)
sendevents Sends events (requires elevated privileges)
start Starts the agent (requires elevated privileges)
stop Stops the agent (requires elevated privileges)
restart Restarts the agent (requires elevated privileges)

See pmagentctl help < subcommand > for detailed help.

Command Usage

To perform a command, insert the name of the above command that you need to perform into this command string:

pmagentctl < InsertCommandHere >

The start, stop, and restart commands are required to be run via sudo. This will prompt for admin account password verification. The other commands that require elevated privileges can be run via sudo or credentials can be entered interactively.

For example, to register an agent immediately after updating the Privilege Manager server location, type:

sudo pmagentctl register

Legacy Path and Scripts

Previously, you would use the utility with a path like:

sudo /usr/local/thycotic/agent/agentUtil.sh < InsertCommandHere >

The legacy scripts are still available and can be used, but they are now located in:


The /usr/local/thycotic/ directory is a symlink to the /usr/local/ delinea/ directory.

These legacy scripts are deprecated and will be removed in future releases, so using the pmagentctl utility when possible is recommended.