Addressing Invalid Agent Registrations

When agents are failing to register because they are unknown or have an invalid install code, an alert will be raised in Privilege Manager. The alert has a link to a report that shows key details such as name and source IP.

Privilege Manager Admins should review the list of invalid registrations and determine whether the computer needs to have the agent re-registered, or removed completely.

When the agent is later registered properly, the Invalid Registration record will be removed from the alerts and the report (after the Update Server Gauge task has been run).

If the invalidly registered agent is removed from the reported computer, Privilege Manager Admins can run a new task, called Purge Maintenance - Invalid Agent Registrations to clear down the computers that have been addressed.

The parameter on this report defaults to computers that have had Invalid Registrations for more than 90 days, so this can be changed to zero if there have been a lot of invalid registrations to clear down.