E-mail Reports Task

Any report created in Privilege Manager can be sent to a group of recipients based on a scheduled task.

To set this up, create a new Server task to send emails.

  1. Navigate to Admin | Tasks.

  2. In the folder tree open Server Tasks | E-mail Tasks.


  3. Click Create. For on-prem instances the modal has an SMTP Server selection option, for cloud instances the server defaults to a pre-configured value and does not have the SMTP Server field.

    New Send E-mail task

  4. From the Template drop-down select Send E-mail Task.

  5. Enter the task name and description.

  6. If this is for an on-premises instance, for SMTP Server, search for your SMTP server that is already configures as a foreign system for your instance.

  7. Click Create.


For cloud environments the SMTP server settings are pulled from an existing configuration and can't be edited via the parameters tab.

Under Details and Parameters you can change/edit any of the task specific information:

  1. From the Command drop-down, select what command you wish to execute, e.g. Email Report Results.
  2. From the Report to Run drop-down, search for and select the report you wish to send.
  3. In the From Address field enter the sender information you wish to be provided.
  4. In the To Address field specify the recipient(s) (this can be a comma-separated list of addresses).
  5. Click Save Changes.

Under the Schedules section of the page you can specify a schedule for this specific task.

  1. Click New Schedule.

    Schedule set-up

    Set up the schedule specifics for this task.

  2. Click Save Changes.