Purge Old Unmanaged AD Computers

  1. Navigate to Admin | Config Feeds.

  2. Install the Maintenance Resource, located under Privilege Manager Product Configuration Feeds | Privilege Manager Core Solution.

    Maintenance Resources Config Feed

  3. Navigate to Admin | Tasks | Jobs and Tasks | Infrastructure Scheduled Activities | Maintenance Tasks, select Purge Old Unmanaged AD Computers.

    This task deletes unmanaged computers, imported from Active Directory, that have not been updated in 90 days by default.

    Purge Old Unmanaged AD Computers Task

  4. (Optional) The 90-day default can be set to a different default number of days used in the query. To do so, prior to clicking Run, click View.

    At the top of the page, select Resource Purge SQL Executions and amend the value in the Show Parameters.

    Adjust Query Show Parameters

  5. When the query parameters are satisfactory, return to the task and click Run.